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Airbnb management company operating in Edinburgh, London, Manchester, and Dublin. We manage every step of the property short-letting process for the hosts and make them hassle free.
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Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Dublin
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20 Ropemaker Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
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020 8050 2818
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Testimonial #1
Pass The Keys have been awesome in renting out my flat on Airbnb. They took care of everything and gave me peace of mind during my trips abroad. I covered my mortgage and bills and earned extra on top. Absolutely recommend!
Testimonial #2
Pass the Keys has been managing my apartment in London. They have been flexible and open and recognise the realities of landlord-tenant issues in relation to AirBnB. So if you want someone trustworthy to manage your place who understands your circumstances - Pass the keys is for you.
Testimonial #3
Very professional, good services and amazing flats in the center of London! I definitely recommend it
ByFlorence Bui
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020 8050 2818
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