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Travel Agency in Edinburgh, Scotland
Travel Agency in Edinburgh, Scotland The Hairy Coo is an Edinburgh tour company offering fun, interesting and unforgettable 1, 2, 3 and 5-day coach tours of Scotland from Edinburgh city centre.

You will see beautiful remote places, get close to Scottish nature and hear stories about Scotland's exciting and fascinating history. All presented by your experienced, Scottish guide.

You can choose from 1-day, 3-day or 5-day tours, or request your own private tour for a minimum of 5 people. Their bus tours travel all around Scotland to beautiful places like Glencoe, Loch Ness, Inverness, Stirling and the Isle of Skye.
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  • Serving residential clients only
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  • Experienced Scottish tour guide
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Suites 6 & 7 St John's Studios, 46A Constitution Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
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Day Trips - 1 Day Coach Tours
read moreThe Hairy Coo offers 3 different day trips around Scotland:
- Loch Ness, Glencoe, Highlands & Whisky
- Stirling Castle, Loch Lomond & Whisky
- Free Scottish Highlands

Every tour is guided by an experienced and entertaining Scottish tour guide. To view the full detailed itinerary, please visit our website.
Private Tours of Scotland
Bespoke Coach Tours
read moreInstead of booking one of our set tours, tourists can book a private tour and create their own perfect itinerary. Enjoy a day out with friends or even book a week's holiday with friends and family.
3 & 5 Day Tours of Scotland
read moreOur 3 and 5 day tours give you a chance to experience the best of Scotland. We visit castles, famous TV and film locations, view breathtaking scenery, beautiful Highland Lochs, mountains and glens, historical sites and vibrant cities.


Daniel Ferreira
read moreExcellent tour. I had a great tour guide, called Colin, which a very charming and funny fellow, very knowledgeable of all things Scotland. He gave us great explanations of what we saw and Scotland history and both its geological and cultural formation. The sights were fabulous, the music great, the stops very interesting as well. I loved traveling through Scotland with Hairy Coo and its fabulous guide Colin! We all even played games and sung and dance together in the bus! Great, fun, interesting tour, worth the high cost of all the stops and the basic tour itself but I would definitely recommend it to every Scotland traveller.
Vicky Hansen
read moreAmazing tour! Beautiful sights, really well organized (booked my accommodation through Hairy Coo), great vibe, fun group and, best of all, hilarious yet educational commentary from Graham, our tour guide, who, as sugary icing on the cake, provided a great soundtrack to the tour. Can't wait to go on the five-day tour!

Would definitely recommend this tour to solo travelers (and non-solo travelers). You might meet some great new friends! And for those who just want some alone time, the stops often allow for plenty of freedom so that you can decided what to do (the main attaction or just enjoy the town/views/ etc.)
Katherine Gilligan
read moreThis company is excellent. Our tour had stops that were beautiful and provided a wonderful taste of the countryside. The guide was entertaining and informative, even for the kids. Would definitely go on another tour!
Elizabeth Murphy
read moreGreat 3 day tour of the Highlands and the Isle of Skye. Had a great tour guide Marty, who provide great historical information, stories and myths of the area. Would recommend this tour it was fun, beautiful landscape, and a good variety of activities.
Emma Garcia
read moreMy best friend and I took this tour to avoid driving on the windy roads on the opposite side. It was an absolute blast. Our guide, Marty, was easy going and told us fascinating stories about Scotland's history both real and legend. The stops were well timed so you could soak in each place without having a horribly long day that left you too tired for the next. Inverness was a great town to stop in for the night--The Whinpark Hotel was where we stayed (we let Hairy Coo book for us) and the owners were delightful. Also, when in Inverness, be sure to have dinner at No. 27. Amazing food and just a short walk away.
For those, like us, who wanted to see the Highlands without knowing the best places to stop, and without wanting to handle the hassle of driving, this was the best option. Affordable, hidden gems, and a great guide. We would definitely choose them again.
Mary Kristaliz
read moreWe had an excellent experience. Will definitely come back and make sure that I'll take the 3-day trip. 1 day is not enough and apart from the breathtaking place, the trip in itself is well organized, safe and so much fun. Plus, having Collin as our guide is like a cherry on top! He is charismatic, witty and fun to be with. Highly recommended.
Stephen L.
read moreWe had an amazing time on this wonderful 1 day Loch Ness, Glencoe, Highlands & Whisky tour. This is a great highlight tour if one is short on time. Stephen, our guide and driver did a phenomenal job explaining the rich colourful history of Scotland, kept things humourous and had a fantastic bus playlist. We have brought home with us great memories of our trip!
Alexis Witzke
read moreMy friend and I are from the states and we spent 10 days going around the UK, ending in Edinburgh. We booked the free hairy coo tour on the recommendation of a friend from back home. We were a little bummed and apprehensive about the fact that it would take up an entire day of only two that we had here. It was absolutely worth it. The tour is from 8am - 6pm and our tour guide Graham was perfectly suited for the job. He told us about various interesting things between the stops and played Scottish music when he wasn't talking. At the actual stops he made sure everyone knew where the good bathrooms were as well as the best places to eat and buy souvenirs. He made some extra stops for us so we could go down the edge of a loch as well as a lookout to see an amazing view of the highlands and even saw a rainbow. It blows my mind that this tour is free because it covered so much and is very well done. 10/10. Blew my expectations out of the water. Definitely do it if you're in the area and are considering it.
Etta Eskridge
read moreI was only able to participate in 1 day of the three day tour with The Hairy Coo but I loved every minute and can't wait to go back and finish it! (or do the whole thing again, including the distillery!) Everything seemed perfect (except for the airlines getting me to Edinburgh!) from the bus to the driver to the fellow passengers, to the stunning scenery of the Scotland highlands, the many stops we were able to squeeze into one day, yet never felt rushed. I enjoyed myself immensely and can highly recommend The Hairy Coo to all ages for an amazing and educational and beautiful tour of Scotland!
Salena Carter
read moreMy friends and I went on the 3 day Hairy Coo tour to the Isle of Skye! We had a fabulous time and have fallen in love with Scotland! It is stunning but what made it extra special was our guide, John! He was funny, caring, passionate about Scotland and went the extra mile to made sure everyone had a fantastic time! We loved the Hairy coo coach and at times it was emotional!
John had compiled the most fantastic music playlist whilst on the coach and played it whilst driving to the most amazing scenery. We will never forget this tour or John and would recommend it to everyone! Since we have been back we havent stopped talking about it to everyone! First class! And we will definitely be back
Rebecca Stewart Baker
read moreI recently returned from the 3 day Isle of Skye, Inverness, Highlands tour with Stephen. This trip had a terrific itinerary that packed a ton of sites into this 3 day adventure. We saw so many things!! The Isle of Skye was just breathtaking--even brought a tear to my eye. Glen Coe, Inverness, Loch Ness, Clava Cairns, Culloden Moor, Doune Castle, and much more! I did much research before booking with The Hairy Coo--this was the only tour i could find that packed so much into 3 days. My time was short in Scotland so this was perfect tour for me. I traveled solo, and there were quite a few other solo travelers as well. And Stephen was the BEST guide ever!!! Funny, helpful & knowledgeable.It was just a genuine pleasure to ride on his bus. Wish I was still there now!! I would book with this company again in a heartbeat.
Nicole Kraft
read moreAmazing tour with Graham and Rise heading to Isle of Skye and the highlands!! They made us feel at home and so comfortable and welcome. I would recommend this tour to anyone. We enjoyed every moment and loved how informative and friendly everyone was!!!
Cynthia Borenstein
read moreFantastic day visiting a distillery and The Highlands!! The tour exceeded my expectations, and our guide Collin was great. The only disappoinment was no stopping to see the Hairy Coo's!! Highly recommend for anyone looking for a fun day away from the city.
Antoine Raymond
read moreWe did the 3 day tour throughout Scotland and the Isle of Skye. What an unforgettable journey! I don't think there's a word to describe how grateful my partner and I are to our tour guide John. He did an amazing job of showing us his beautiful country. It was the first time we ever did a guided tour and it was definitely worth it. Scotland is incredible to see but we sooned realised that this country is so much more then that. There are stories, legends and tales dwelling behind every rocks, lochs, glens and mountains. For that we needed John. Walking out of the bus after those three days we felt as the world lying in front of us was unexplicably different. We felt a weird kind of feeling as if a spell was wearing off. Now thinking back I can only wonder, as if maybe we got to spend the last 3 days with one of those faeries of the old tales. A mischievous wee man who can make your dreams come true.
Susan Mac
read moreHi folks! We took the day tour to the Kelpies, Sterling Castle and the area near Loch Lomond. It was a fantastic experience. Our guide, Brian, was lively and informative. He taught us a lot about Scottish history in a way that made it interesting. Along the way he also told jokes, introduced us to Scottish music with CDs and even got us singing and stomping our feet. The day ended with a trip to the Distillery and a sample of Scotch. My two teenage kids loved it! Thank you Brian! Now, if only my kid would stop talking in that bad Scottish accent!!
Natalie Rausch
read moreI went on their 3 day tour to the Highlands and I'll never regret it! Our guide John was hilarious and full of great information about the history of Scotland. (And as he requested, his mom can now see that he's had a review and still alive and well. haha) Not only were we given local information about the history of Scotland by our amazing guide, it's the best means of transportation to see tourist locations across the highlands. This tour exceeded all of my expectations and was highly enjoyable. I would recommend the 3 day tour of the highlands to anybody!
Holly Phimister
read moreWow!! Don was our tour guide and what a guy he was! So knowledgeable and told us something about everything we passed! Movie sights, history, experiences and more!!!

We went on the whisky and loch ness tour, it's a long day but a great one. We were picked up at 7.30 on time with no waiting around, the bus is modern and comfortable. We had lots of stop off's in between the destinations which was helpful as you got to stretch your legs and have a toilet break. If don wasn't telling us interesting stories and info, he was playing highland music which was beautiful.
We saw everything and the sights are out of this world! It's a must if you go to Scotland and it must be a hairy coo one!!!!!!! Could recommend it enough.. everyone needs to go AND it's great value for money!!
Kinshuk G.
Sep 02, 2020
Delightful day tour to Loch Ness with Stephen from The Hairy Coo. Engaging and stimulating commentary. Thoughtful choice of music. Decent audio equipment. Well planned stops.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Angela Joy
Mar 09, 2020
Five stars!
My friend and I did the three day tour up to Inverness and the Isle of Skye. Hands down best tour I have ever done! The price was reasonable and we saw many things that we otherwise would not have known about. Our guide Brian was amazing! Very friendly and made everyone feel at ease. Lots of great stories!! Had a blast!
Value for Money
Service & Support
Annemarie Flanagan
Nov 04, 2019
The highland day tour was Brilliant. our tour guide Brian was very friendly and welcoming and knew so much. He made the day even more fun by getting us all singing away to Scottish music. All of the stops on this tour were fab especially the hairy coo stop. I would definitely recommend this tour and will look at booking more in the future.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Sep 15, 2020
Thank you, Stephen!
The reason this review is coming months after my tour with Stephen is because I spent months finding the right words to best describe how I feel in truth, detail, and depth of conviction. The tour took place in January and was beyond frigid, however all the warmth our group could've needed came from our guide Stephen. He is a beacon of knowledge, altruism, and mirth. Not only is he all of those things, but he transcends them and eclipses our hearts and of course our journey as we trek around Scotland. Every stop was meaningful and a moment of exploration. Stephen is so well versed in the rich history and shared stories of differing levels of comedy, drama, and tragedy. He was incredibly perceptive to our needs and knew when to let us rest or lead us through trials of river dwellers, murderers, and the like. Stephen is not only a champion in sarcasm and comedy, but also selfless and hospitable. He showed us the legendary monuments and the ones we weren't aware of but then became our favorites. The local spots he took us to for meals proved his behavior isn't skin deep. Every place we went he was greeted with affection and elation. One of the most memorable moments was when he shared his fried black pudding with us. I believe he would give someone the shirt of his back if they asked. Continuing, Stephen is a free spirit, an inspiration, and a downright lovely person. We trusted him up steep climbs and while dunking our facing in freezing water (he would not call them steep haha). I never doubted his abilities. I'll never forget my time with him. Thank you, Stephen. I hope you and your family are well and I wish you the best of luck!! (I would walk 500 miles to see him again. I probably wouldn't, but it's a nice sentiment lol) He'll most likely dislike how sweet this is, but it's supposed to be silly so get over it!
Value for Money
Service & Support
Esther Carr
Aug 21, 2021
Hairy coo tour was amazing! I did the 3 day Isle of Skye and highlands tour and it was nothing short of awesome! Ryan, our tour guide, was superb! His stories, his humour (especially the dolphin foot prints) and vibe really made this trip special. The scenery is unreal, a must do for anyone considering it. Highly HIGHLY recommend!!!
Value for Money
Service & Support


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