Interior Designers in Edinburgh

Gayfield Design

Gayfield Design

Gayfield Design
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 4JE
We are interior designers in Edinburgh, UK. We specialise in soft furnishings, complete commercial and household interior designs.


Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 2JP
Anta is a family operated Scottish design and architecture company, established in the early 1980s by Annie and Lachlan Stewart. All Anta products are made in Scotland from the best natural materials,...
Bryce McKenzie

Bryce McKenzie

Bryce McKenzie
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6RS
Bryce McKenzie interior design supplies a complete design service for both domestic and commercial projects. Listening carefully to customers and working closely with them throughout the design process...
Anne Hunter

Anne Hunter

Anne Hunter
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6
With over ten years knowledge in successfully creating hundreds of stylish interiors our Design portfolio is brimming with ideas to meet most budgets and tastes. Through the years we currently have amassed...
Ampersand Interiors

Ampersand Interiors

Ampersand Interiors
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6NS
Whatever degree of involvement you want to have in your project, we always feel it is significant to spend the time to get to know you and to develop a relationship. By doing so we make sure that our designs...
AU Furniture & Interiors

AU Furniture & Interiors

AU Furniture & Interiors
Edinburgh, Scotland EH16 9AB
At Au-Group, we provide and install a huge array of furniture systems including seating, desking, storage, tables and free-standing screens. These systems will provide for all your general office, boardroom,...
Mayfield Interiors

Mayfield Interiors

Mayfield Interiors
Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 3AP
Mayfield Interiors Ltd is operated by Mike Burman. Mike has been in the building trade since 1987 when he began as an electrician's apprentice. Once highly skilled as an electrician, he graduated to most...
56 North

56 North

56 North
Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 1HR
Fifty Six North is a contemporary design firm located in Edinburgh and working throughout the UK. It is a one stop service where the partners, Helen Evans and Richard Anstice, see each project through...
AM Interiors

AM Interiors

AM Interiors
Edinburgh, Scotland EH5 1RS
We're an founded interior design firm located in Edinburgh, who specialise in exclusive made-to-measure soft furnishings for both residential and commercial properties. We can provide you with wall coverings,...
Joelle Reid Interiors
07854 199660
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 4JB
Young Street 22
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Nicky Murray Design
020 7228 0945
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 4HQ
Charlotte Square 45
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0131 225 6773
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 9DY
17 Spittal Street
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Purpose Design
0131 225 4791
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 4NA
64 Queen Street
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DH Interior Design
07881 954235
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6HP
Heriot Row 15A
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Amalfi White Living
07940 005955
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6AD
Saint Colme Street 6
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Platform Interior Solutions
0131 272 2712
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 8EG
Canning Street 24
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Bryce McKenzie Design
0131 556 2185
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6QQ
35a Dundas Street
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Jessica Buckley Interiors
0131 556 8918
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 7LW
39-41 William Street
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Pendant Interiors
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6NN
Dublin Street 26
Jeffreys Interiors
0131 247 8010
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6ST
8 North West Circus Place
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0131 557 6634
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6NS
73 Dublin Street
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Sara Sutherland Interiors
07899 878510
Edinburgh, Scotland EH12 5AF
Palmerston Place 17B
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Robertson Lindsay Interiors
0131 629 1661
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6RX
7 Dundonald Street
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The Interior Collection
0131 611 0131
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 7EH
Manor Place 56
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Louise Dobbie Interiors
0131 225 6579
Edinburgh, Scotland EH4 3BH
Hawthornbank Lane
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Sandra Lawson Interiors
0131 558 7441
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5BB
109 Henderson Row
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Bright 3D, Bright Brands, Bright Interiors
0131 553 0920
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3AA
25 Greenside Pl
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Rough Design Partnership
0131 668 4411
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9LP
Buccleuch Street 38
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The Garage Interior Design
0800 825 0125
Edinburgh, Scotland EH4 3AL
25 Belgrave Crescent
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Anne Hunter Interiors
0131 557 3021
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5EA
7 Brandon Terrace
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Gayfield Design
0131 558 8448
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5EA
Brandon Terrace 6
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James Wilson Interiors
0131 332 4073
Edinburgh, Scotland EH4 1JW
6 Dean Park Street
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Colin McShane Interior Styling
0131 557 0083
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5LL
5-3 Boat Green
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Baillie Fleming Design
0131 557 3490
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 4HX
Claremont Crescent 20
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Acanthus Interiors
0131 466 5267
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 4DH
201-203 Bruntsfield Place
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Maxwell Green Design
07956 574504
Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 1UQ
Grange Road 38
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Edinburgh Interiors
0800 756 1130
Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 1JD
Harden Place 27/9
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R J Design
07535 037148
Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 1LH
Polwarth Gardens 100/4
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Arosfa Interior Design
07412 090055
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 5AZ
7 Napier Road
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Crocus Design
07854 474271
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 8RG
Dalmeny Street 36
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Cubic Interior Design Consultancy
0131 447 8868
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 4RF
Nile Grove 4
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Elliptical Interiors
0131 554 4900
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 4DD
Pitt Street 120
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Fashion Interiors
07889 489546
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 5EY
Kirk Street 16/7
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Black Emily
0131 447 4575
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 5LY
Morningside Drive 10
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Capital Decorators
07912 170897
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 6LE
Restalrig Road South 66
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Sara Whitby Interiors
0131 552 8317
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 4NQ
451 Newhaven Main Street
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David Brown Design
0845 600 6088
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 6RR
Constitution Street 60
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0131 556 0000
Edinburgh, Scotland EH4 3ST
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Scott Design
0131 669 2676
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 6SS
Moira Terrace 71
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Academy Decorators
0131 315 4080
Edinburgh, Scotland EH4 5JL
Salvesen Crescent 42
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OLILI Interior Design
07707 076552
Edinburgh, Scotland EH4 5BU
Quality Street Lane 8
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In House Design
0131 669 4454
Edinburgh, Scotland EH15 2DA
322 Portobello High Street
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Interior Solutions
0131 441 4176
Edinburgh, Scotland EH13 0LQ
26 Bridge Road
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Clare Marshall Interiors
0131 441 7411
Edinburgh, Scotland EH13 0LP
Spylaw Park 9
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Minim Interiors
0131 312 6278
Edinburgh, Scotland EH4 6RG
Regis Court 12
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Luma Interiors
0131 331 3726
Edinburgh, Scotland EH30 9HS
East Terrace
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