Jewelers in Edinburgh

Clarksons Edinburgh

Clarksons Edinburgh

Clarksons Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 2JP
Set up in 1958, we specialise in well made contemporary and Celtic style jewellery with an emphasis on quality and design. Many pieces are unique and totally hand made using only precious metals and gem...
The Ringmaker

The Ringmaker

The Ringmaker
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6JN
We create beautifully made, one-off jewellery to original designs, especially for you in platinum, gold, palladium or silver. If you have sourced a diamond over the internet we can design and make a pretty...
Alistir Tait

Alistir Tait

Alistir Tait
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2
We're located in the centre of the City of Edinburgh just minutes from Princes Street and in the shadow of the famous castle. Built in the 18th century, Rose Street is a pedestrian precinct featuring tiny...
Christopher Ness Jewellery

Christopher Ness Jewellery

Christopher Ness Jewellery
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 6SA
Christopher Ness comes from 4 generations of jewellers in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1991 at the age of 17, he travelled down to London to start his training in Hatton Garden where he completed his apprenticeship...


Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1DR
Pebbles is a family business and we're pleased to be recognised locally as THE place to go for stunning contemporary jewellery. This is largely due to our reputation for unbiased advice and friendly knowledgeable...
Swarovski Edinburgh
0131 220 6565
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 3AA
Princes Street 100
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Robert Anthony Investment Jewellers
0131 226 4550
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 3JF
108b Rose Street
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Alistir Wood Tait Antique & Fine Jewellery
0131 225 4105
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 3JF
116A Rose Street
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Jewellery Bird
0844 504 6652
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 4AD
Princes Street 125
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Laing Edinburgh
0131 225 4513
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 3BX
72 George St
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Daniel Henderson Jewellers
0131 466 1745
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 4BA
188 Rose Street
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Moira Patience Fine Jewellery
0131 210 0079
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 3JP
1 Hill St
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Joseph Bonnar, Jewellers
0131 226 2811
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 1EN
Thistle Street 72
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Alchemia Jewellers
0131 220 4795
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 1DY
37 Thistle Street
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Perre Handmade Jewellery
0131 220 5990
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1BP
Cockburn Street 5
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K K Jewellers
0131 466 0211
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 2QQ
3 Greyfriars Place
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Jewellery By Liam Ross
0131 225 6599
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 7NH
12 William Street
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Ocean Jewellery
0131 229 6767
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 8EB
Regus Conference House
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Copernicus Of Edinburgh
0131 228 6638
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 9QY
14 Lochrin Place
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Gemstones Brazil
07999 290434
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3JU
1 Broughton Street
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Letica Jewellery
0131 516 7379
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3RP
East Broughton Place 1
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0131 313 2032
Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 2BA
46 Dalry Road
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Christopher Ness Jewellery
07970 786761
Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 1PL
Summerhall Place 1
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Rosie Brown Jewellery
0131 228 9269
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 4ER
148 Bruntsfield Place
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S H Jewellery
0131 447 5544
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 4BY
98 Morningside Road
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Aslam Jewellers
0131 553 5454
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 8SA
307 Leith Walk
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Brendan Haddock Jewellers
0131 337 0611
Edinburgh, Scotland EH12 6AA
4 Murrayfield Place
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Ubaid Jewellers
0131 553 7313
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 8NY
245 Leith Walk
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Eleanor Patton Jewellery
07756 418513
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5QZ
64 Albion Road
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Scotts Jewellery & Collectables
0131 538 7169
Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 2NX
202 Gorgie Road
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Jeneil Jewellers
0131 476 9706
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 5LB
48a Great Junction Street
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Jude Smith. Goldsmith
0131 467 7708
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 8DT
Lochend Road 0
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Borkowski Jewellery
07597 326541
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 6AE
151 London Road
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The Tappit Hen
07786 884250
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 6AE
151, London Road
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Jenny Parker Jewellery
07927 645883
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 6ET
15 Coburg Street
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Edinburgh Jewellery Repair
0131 555 3388
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 6JA
5 Commercial Street
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Silver Sisters
07813 950162
Edinburgh, Scotland EH12 7SF
6 Glebe Road
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McAlpine Jewellers
0131 669 4462
Edinburgh, Scotland EH15 1EX
Portobello High Street 190
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Reunert Jewellery
01501 763216
Edinburgh, Scotland EH47 8DF
Burnbrae Road 4
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