Massage Therapy in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre

Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre

Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5DN
Physiotherapy and Osteopathy relieve pain using techniques like Joint Manipulation, Muscle & Soft Tissue Myofascial Release and Acupuncture. Physiotherapy and Osteopathy techniques work in synchrony with...
J Spaczynska

J Spaczynska

J Spaczynska
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5HZ
My name is Jo Spaczynska, the reason for my website is that I am a complementary practitioner. I'll give you a little information about myself and the different ways in which I work. If you know which...
Tonic Health

Tonic Health

Tonic Health
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 6JD
Elcome to Tonic Health, we currently have evolved into a collective of practitioners providing a huge array of expert treatments around North and East Edinburgh areas giving you direct contact to the person...
Organic Massage Therapy In Edinburgh

Organic Massage Therapy In Edinburgh

Organic Massage Therapy In Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5BA
Joseph practices from a holistic perspective. This matters that during a typical treatment session he will address the physical as well as mental, emotional, social, and environmental, causes of your condition....


Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 6ED
Kirsty Smith graduated from Premier Training International in February 2004, completing a Diploma in Personal Training. Modules passed were Fitness Trainer Award, First Aid, Nutrition for Health & fitness,...
Heathery Shiatsu At The Healthy Life Centre
07760 802343
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 9AL
Bread Street 35
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North-55 Sports Therapy, Massage & Fitness
07514 585976
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 2AF
Saint Andrew Square 9-10
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TuiNa Massage Peter-Piotr Radowicz
07707 480701
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 9DJ
8 Lauriston Street
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Kirsten Young Sports Massage Therapist
0131 629 5664
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 2AS
Rutland Square 8B
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Complementary Therapies By Amanda Burnett
07976 519557
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 4QG
14 Alva Street
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Fiona Hunter Therapeutic Massage & Body Work
0131 225 8092
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1PZ
The Royal Mile 209
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Fiona Serle
0131 229 1077
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 9JR
Home Street 33
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Edinburgh Massage Susan Maxwell MTI
0131 556 8440
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3EB
5 York Pl
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Ling Ling Massage
07974 169259
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3EP
York Place 10
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Murray Collier Sports Therapy
07808 197475
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 9NB
24 Lochrin Buildings
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Blue Morpho
07749 627712
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3SB
36A Broughton Street
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Vasudeva Therapies
07595 731291
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5AZ
Hamilton Place 76/2
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Organic Massage Therapy By Joseph Nolan
0131 315 2130
Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 5BA
Hamilton Place 35
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Massage Therapy Edinburgh
07892 720784
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9EJ
Nicolson Street 110
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Mariusz Orwat
07789 968303
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9JW
West Crosscauseway 23/3
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Unique Massage Therapy
07988 214723
Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 2BA
Dalry Road 30
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Isis Holistic Health
0131 478 1826
Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 1HY
Marchmont Road 21
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Nana Thai Massage
07488 499004
Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 2DR
Dalry Road 117
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Feel Fit Massage Therapy Clinic
07986 066584
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5HR
107 Brunswick Street
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Yasauru Massage Therapy
07739 873237
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9PP
South Clerk Street 65A
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Active Health
0131 229 4987
Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 1LW
2 Polwarth Gardens
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True Thai Therapy
0131 667 7659
Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 1QF
Causewayside 55
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KnotStressed Therapies
07540 809944
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5DL
Montrose Terrace 40-42
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Udon Thai Spa & Therapy
0131 661 7514
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5DP
Montrose Terrace 70
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Massage Courses Edinburgh
0131 214 1141
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5QQ
Easter Road 182
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Revitalize Edinburgh Massage Therapies
0131 668 3311
Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 1ST
Ratcliffe Terrace 66
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Matthew Priest, Advanced Sports Massage Edinburgh
07985 980732
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 8JG
333/7 Easter Rd
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Edinburgh Therapeutic Massage
07765 867415
Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 3EH
West Savile Terrace 64
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Stevenson Holistic Therapies
07939 328776
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 7AR
Dalhousie Mains Cottages 4
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Jonathan Martin Massage Therapy
07551 582584
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 5JY
3 Bangor Road
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Bowen Therapy
07816 888847
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 4AH
Ferry Road 88
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Arabian Massage Therapy
0131 258 2900
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 7AF
Parsons Green Terrace
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Sports Massage Edinburgh
07546 868548
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 7AD
Constitution Street 149/3
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Kama Calm Holistic Therapies
07825 322804
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 6AG
63 Comiston Road
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Thai Healing Massage
0131 446 0519
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 6AQ
Comiston Road 123
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Massage Edinburgh
0131 553 3388
Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 6BA
21 Queen Charlotte Street
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Gabriel Massage Salon
07434 852176
Edinburgh, Scotland EH16 4BN
Castleview Grove 29
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Touch Complementary Therapy
07921 621409
Edinburgh, Scotland EH12 6UA
Corstorphine Road 132
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Aspen Holistic & Beauty Therapies
07710 774704
Edinburgh, Scotland EH16 6HX
6 Wolrige Road
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Essential Health Massage Therapy
07947 259240
Edinburgh, Scotland EH12 8QG
Hillview Crescent 44
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Vanessa Skelton Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy
07527 154675
Edinburgh, Scotland EH15 1JA
Ramsay Place 3/1
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Kerry Oliver Holos Therapies
07966 518386
Edinburgh, Scotland EH15 2AJ
Portobello Natural Health, 19 Windsor Place, Portobello
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Amazonite Therapies
07980 851396
Edinburgh, Scotland EH15 1HB
Bath Street
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Edinburgh Wellbeing Centre
07519 897489
Edinburgh, Scotland EH17 8QF
Captains road
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Leading Edge Massage
0131 629 4142
Edinburgh, Scotland EH14 5RR
Lanark Road West 350B
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Holistic Room With Diane
07983 946633
Edinburgh, Scotland EH51 9QD
Academy Road 15
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Healing Hands
07927 652822
Edinburgh, Scotland EH51 9HE
South Street 29
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